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Have you been keeping up with the new “Market Mastery” training videos? So far they show the 4 low-risk, high-probability “profit pockets” that can occur on almost any share chart?

Well, I just got ANOTHER quick video update from the developer, Bill Poulos, that shows a handful of GREAT trades you could’ve gotten in on as a Market Mastery student over the past week or two.

Watch as Bill shows you a great short trade using the “Profit Pipeline” method that potentially pulled in 10% on the first half & 13% on the second half in a matter of daysand then how his “Velocity Method” got right back in for another great short trade which already hit the 10% target.

Trades like this can set up all the time, and when you know how to grab them, it gives you a definite edge over most traders.

See the trades here

Pay careful attention to his comments about what most other traders probably would have done in these markets, and see how, using the Market Mastery methods, you have a leg up on them.?

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It is presented by Dr Barry Burns who is a highly regarded and successful trader with many years experience.

I think this is well worth having a look at and since it is free there is no reason not to.

Free 5-Day Video Training Course