The Mad Hedge Fund Trader reveals: The Great Treasury Bond CRASH of 2010 Has Begun

John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader, founding father of the international hedge fund industry and one of 2010’s top performing traders reveals:

The Great Treasury Bond CRASH of 2010 Has Begun

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Let me get right to the point…

  1. The extension of the Bush tax cuts triggered the collapse of Treasury bond market.
  2. This collapse is one of the great trading opportunities of the next several years.
  3. John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader, just laid out everything you need to know to play the crashing bond market in a free webinar.
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John breaks down the profit opportunities coming out of the bond market collapse. In this webinar, he did a lot more than just say “trade the collapse.” John is quickly building a reputation for delivering extremely high quality content. This webinar is no exception.

He explains the impact of the tax cut extensions, which include:

  • Dividends and capital gains will continue to be taxed at a 15% rate.
  • Estate taxes are capped at 35% and are tax free up to $5 million.
  • Unemployment benefits have been extended by 13 months.
  • And to really juice consumer spending, payroll taxes have been cut by 2%.
  • You can really see that it was an “all of the above”, throw in the kitchen sink sort of compromise.

What this means to YOU as a trader: John, one of the top global investing strategists in the world, is convinced that THIS is one of the truly great trades of the decade. With the right information, you can join the savviest Wall Street insiders as they cash in on this crashing bond market.

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